It has grids on the page if selected, so alignment of your material snaps into place, or the grids can be shown.
To preview your site on Google select F5 or preview top left.
Below is page on google, and lower is web builder software.
With this software you can build a website offline. You can try it FREE, so go ahead and see if it's the one for you. WYSIWYG
There is no paying for storage online. All the files are stored in the docoment on your computer, it puts a file called Wysiwyg web builder and stores it in 2 files under backups.

When you start building your site it keeps them on file if you select it in your file at the top left of the page and store it can be accessed there.

The storage limit is the size of storage on your computer,the files has no limit is on aharddrive
As you build your site you are looking at the webpage, to see what it will be like on google F5 is selected, it opens page and your webpage is shown.