Responsive Web Design- Design Ways

WYSIWYG Web Builder supports multiple ways to produce responsive web spots. So, what's the stylish way?
There isn't really a' stylish way', it depends on your particular (or client's) preference.
For illustration, do you want to have full control over the layout or do you want objects to automatically gauge?

Then's an overview of the different design ways that are available in the softwareFixed/ Absolute Layouts (Adaptive Web Design)
By dereliction layouts are fixed using absolute positions. This means that you can place objects anywhere you like, so you have complete control over the layout.

The strike of this layout mode is that it'll be harder to make the runner responsive because the layout will only look perfect on the screen size it was designed for. And because there's no' structure'in the layout ( objects can be placed anywhere in arbitrary order), there's no way for the cybersurfer to automaticallyre-position and/ or gauge the content grounded on the view harborage.

So, to make sure the runner content look good in different viewports/ screen sizes, you'll have to apply breakpoints ( different layout variations) of the same runner. This design fashion is also known as"Adaptive Web Design".
Below is a screen shot of break point for your phone, tablet, desktop Responsive webpages. So easy to do.